What laptop specs do you need in a gaming laptop under 1000?

April 6, 2016

954325231_e4200f0gcd_cGaming is nothing but the activity of playing games on the laptop or the computer. Today, there are several budget gaming notebooks which are designed especially for gaming. But what specs should they have?  Choosing laptop specifications based on the various utility is as crucial as choosing the right ingredients for the correct cuisine. Many factors come into play while deciding on the machine. The laptop specs for gaming not only depends on the games that need be played on the machine but also the gamer. A hardcore gamer will need a more powerful processor, motherboard and RAM. Today, you can get a great gaming notebook for less than 1000 bucks. So what laptop specs do you need in that price range?

Let us see the laptop specs needed for gaming


Random Access Memory (RAM) is used to load programmes or data into the system without saving it permanently. When the RAM is higher, more quantity of information can be loaded and loaded fast. It enables you to open more programmes simultaneously without slowing down the computer. So, should you just add more RAM? For amateur gamers a minimum RAM capacity of 4 GB and for hardcore gamers, 8 to 16GM RAM is ideal.

Hard disc drive

This physical memory, which is different from RAM, retains all information even after power has been disconnected. Most laptops come with a standard-issue drive with a memory ranging from 100 to 500 GB. Nowadays, a few laptops provide 1TB memory. For gaming, minimum 500 GB is preferred. With 500GB hard drive space, you will be able to install

Processor speed

This is the brain of the computer. It processes all the data that is being run. The more cores it has the more information it can process at the same time. This means that a single core 3.00 GHz will be faster at processing data than a 2.00 GHz dual core. The dual core has an advantage over the single core when doing multiple tasking as it can do more processing. For gaming, the i5 will do but if you are looking for a laptop in the 1000 dollars range, you can even get some pretty powerful Intel i7 processors like the i7-6700HQ.

Screen size

Whilst a large screen will feel much less portable, the effect of gaming is better with a bigger screen. Laptops built for presentation or gaming usually have 15 or 17 inches displays.

Screen resolution

Resolution is the other important factor determining how much information can be viewed on your laptop screen. Gamers generally tend to spend a lot of time in front of the laptop. So a higher resolution is definitely worth the extra money. It’s easier on the eyes and the visual experience is a lot more gratifying. Aim for at least 1920×1080 resolution for a laptop for gaming.

Graphics card

The video card that normally comes with a regular laptop will be sufficient only for office use productivity and viewing media files. VRAM and chipset matter. For the 1000-range the GTX960M is about the best you can get.


Gaming requires special keyboard which enables smooth functioning and playing. A great way to know if a laptop’s trackpad is good quality is to look for it in customer reviews.


One of the biggest issues with powerful CPUs is the amount of heat generated due to constant usage and number of applications used. The coolers or cooling pads are needed to keep the laptop at normal temperature. Make sure to notice if there is any feedback that the gaming laptop tends to overheat. If the gaming laptop has a heating problem you better not play it for too long or maybe you just need to go for another model.

Battery life

Battery life plays a crucial role. It can be a disaster if the laptop switches off during the middle of an exciting game. A gaming laptop for less than 1000 should at least have 3 hours battery life to be a good deal.

That’s it. Now you know what laptop specs you need in a gaming laptop under 1000.

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