What factors determinate gaming frame rates?

March 13, 2018

There are many factors that will affect your gaming performance on a laptop or desktop PC. Before we go into detail on all those factors let’s get the definition sorted out. By affecting gaming performance I mean they will have an impact on how smooth the game runs or in other words, the frame rates of a game.

There are three major factors that will affect your frame rates, one that you can control, on you can control but it’s a bit more cumbersome and one factor you can’t control.

Game optimization reasons – Can’t change it

Some games will naturally run smoothly while other games will be an utterly lagfest.frame-rates

As you can see, some games will even shift a lot in framerates during gameplay.

You can not control this and is often due to issues how the game was developed. If you want to run a poorly optimized game, be prepared for lag no matter how powerful system you have.

Hardware issues – Cumbersome to change

The main reason people have bad frame rates in games is that they don’t have the powerful enough hardware. For example, if you have a weak graphics card and you try to run a modern game, it will most likely not be even run. And if you manage to get it to run it will be really laggy. You can change this by buying better hardware but it is cumbersome, you can’t just do this and get it fixed in seconds like you can with our last thing that determines gaming frame rates.

To get better frame rates, you’ll need better hardware components. The number 1 thing you probably need to change is the graphics card. Make sure to read what the recommended graphics requirements the game you want to run has and try to match them or have a graphics card better than the recommendations. Two other things to consider is to upgrade the CPU to something like an i5 or i7 CPU as it will give you the best gaming performance. Another, not often talked aspect of getting good frame rates is having a good RAM. Learn what does ram do for gaming and get at least 8GB of RAM.

Settings reasons – Easy to change

This is the easiest way to get better frame rates. The graphical settings of video games will determine the frame rates you get in them. Lowering your settings will often make the game run much smoother. They might not look as beautiful anymore but with the right settings they will at least run like a breeze,

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