Privacy Policy

This is a way for us to explain how we collect and take care of your personal information we collect on WireMine. This is to help you make a good judgement if you want to comply with these terms. By using this website you agree to this policy.

We try to let you know if we ever change this policy. We will let you know on our homepage, as well as here that the policy has been updated if that is the case.

Any information we might obtain will never be linked to you personally. The only information we collect is for tracking user patterns and improving our website. Such information is the date you visited, the length of your visit and what pages you visited. This information is obtained through a cookie. A cookie is a small program in your web browser that let websites track movements. Cookes is common practice and completely safe. You can at any point remove cookies from your browser. We will never share any information to third parties unless we have to according to law.

If you have any questions, just contact us