How to know when you needs Anti-virus

April 7, 2016

anti-wirusLaptops and computers have become an integral part of human life. You could ideally skip a meal, but could not skip browsing through on your machine. Now, the primary challenge that every user faces is an infected system now and then. These malware and other viruses which are the main cause are more common than the cold virus which affects most in our country! And they are both similar in the sense that they are becoming more resistant with each passing day. You install an anti-virus, come home to find another malware infecting your system.

All Things You Must Know

With the internet usage increasing day by day and data available in every form across the globe, the chance of invasion into your private system is abundant. Now when you are ready to enjoy everything that’s available, you will have to be ready to fight the bad out there as well. To secure your gadgets against any malware infections and other viruses, you need to be aware of different signs or warnings it might show when there is any malware or virus threat. Watch out for these common symptoms in your system generally –

Annoying Pop-ups

Okay, so pop-ups are not that annoying is what you will think. When your system is affected, the pop-ups it will throw will be so many that it would hinder what you are doing. So when there are pop-ups more that you could actually handle over a period of time, you might want to check your system for some malware threat. Now a few things you could do to avoid any further problems –

  • Avoid clicking on these windows.
  • Take precautions before you get any free software download.

Laptop in Tortoise Mode

Your system abruptly becoming slow is another sign of trouble. Some indications –

  • You are waiting longer to boot-up than usual
  • The regular programs that you work on are taking longer time to load, even IE for that matter

When in doubt, just check on your drive space or also see if a new software installation is bulkier or your drive. If not, check right away if it is time install a new anti-virus or renew the existing one!

Frequent Crashes

If you find your laptop crashing a number of times to your dismay, it is probably an indication of a malware infestation. It needs immediate attention and also finding out what is wrong is important for you to take the necessary anti-virus installation measure.

Unfamiliar Activities On Your Files and Network Usage

It might sound funny, but do look out for unusual and suspicious (!) activities on your system like :

  • The names of files being changed or their location being different
  • Unknown websites opening automatically
  • Auto downloads happening without you initiating any.
  • Your network usage gearing up without any reason

These are signs that your laptop is at stake and needs immediate attention. The only way to to keep track on unusual activities is regular anti-virus update and constant vigilance.

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