Do you need Bluetooth on your laptop?

April 6, 2016

Tbluetooth-670069_960_720echnology is all about development and change and the laptop is among the many gadgets that continue upgrading with time. We have come a long way since age-old personal computers to handy laptops and smartphones. Sure, technology has made our life easier and more comfortable. And Bluetooth is one such technology. Invented in 1994 by Swedish company Ericsson, Bluetooth is a technology that allows the transfer and exchange of data with multiple devices with the help of radio transmission at a range of about 1, 10 or 100 metres.

Things you can do with a Bluetooth

Bluetooth has done wonders for gadget lovers. It has made its presence felt in every aspect of our life through:

  • Bluetooth headsets
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Bluetooth mouses
  • Bluetooth keyboars
  • Bluetooth Gaming Consoles
  • Smartphones
  • GPS
  • MP3 players

How does Bluetooth Function?

Basically, Bluetooth is wireless technology. It has helped us get rid of the clutter of wires. In order for any Bluetooth device to work, you will need to pair with another device which has Bluetooth. Bluetooth works on radio waves instead of wires. Communication and information transfer has become hassle free these days thanks to Bluetooth technology. Internet connectivity allows you to Skype with anyone from any part of the world and your Bluetooth headset allows you to stay connected to your laptop or phone without the clutter of wires. Or you can laze on your couch with your Bluetooth headset and enjoy music even though your laptop or mobile is on the other end of the room. Even gaming consoles use Bluetooth-enabled remote for game lovers.

Bluetooth today

BluetoothToday Bluetooth has taken the communication and transferring of data to another level. With almost all the gadgets being Bluetooth enabled, communication has been reinvented. When all devices connected to Bluetooth come within the same range, you can share data or documents or snaps or even music at no cost and without internet or data connectivity. This is the beauty of this Bluetooth technology. You can pair your laptop with wireless Bluetooth mouse, which can be very useful in case you are travelling.

Bluetooth is not limited to transferring files or photos. Today we have every device working on Bluetooth. It has brought the world closer to us without the hassle of different wires for different devices. A person can take calls while driving a car that too, hands-free without wires – all thanks to Bluetooth technology.

Does your Laptop Need Bluetooth?

The answer is often YES. Having a Bluetooth device helps to ease the work. Bluetooth helps to sync multiple devices which are required to copy files or documents without messy cables, as it’s completely wireless. Nowadays laptops and smartphones come with built-in Bluetooth. Transferring photos from computer to smartphones has never been this easy! There are Bluetooth printers available which you can sync with your laptop. You can stream your media library from your laptop to Bluetooth enabled

There are Bluetooth printers available which you can sync with your laptop. You can stream your media library from your laptop to Bluetooth enabled the stereo system. The best part about having Bluetooth in your laptop is that, it is easy to use and function. You can connect or pair up to 8 devices using this technology. The user does not have to install any software or spend any money for it.

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