All you need to know about your laptop battery

April 12, 2016

The laptop has become that one thing you can’t live without even for a day. With so many smart gadgets around you and a couple of new ones being launched every single day, the popularity that these devices have maintained all through is something remarkable. Its charm has remained unfazed all through this years and it will not be a surprise if it remains a bestseller even after 5 more years. The ease with which all generations use it alike is what sets it apart from other smart gadgets available in the market.

It is so annoying when something you are dependent so much on lets you down. Your laptop battery is one such thing. When you start getting used to it, you realize that the battery gives out sooner than you expect. You do not want to change the batteries alone. These things cost a bomb. So one important thing you would want to know about your laptop is its maintenance and how you could take care of your batteries so that they last longer.

Average Battery Capacity

When you buy a laptop, the average time you are expecting it to run on the battery is around 6 hours. A batteries run time is hugely dependent on the usage time and also the type of usage. On an average, it works fine for 2 years for a moderate user. Research says that it is pretty efficient until 400 cycles of recharge. After that, it has officially aged and you cannot expect it to be as good as new!

Just like us humans, it starts slowing down with age. So the same battery which gave you 3 hours of run time might not give you half of it after 2 years. It is a fact that people should start acknowledging.

Going for a different manufacturer is alright

Once you start coming to terms with how your battery has let you down, you might look at replacing it. Just don’t be too shocked at the cost. Obviously buying a new laptop is just a tad bit higher than the manufacturer’s battery.

But your laptop works just fine and you are still in love with it. So what you could do in this situation is look for options. Do a bit of research on compatibility and be open to other manufacturer’s batteries too. It might be a lot cheaper and work like a charm in your laptop.

How you can make it live a little longer

Just a set of laptop etiquettes will ensure your battery lives a little longer.

  • It doesn’t have to be plugged in and charged all the time. This reduces battery life. Once it is charged completely, you could just switch it off for some time.
  • Remove the battery when you have the laptop plugged in. If you are planning to work in a place straight for a couple of hours, you could remove the battery.
  • Charging it on and off often could cause damage as well. Leave it alone when not in use. It helps the battery life!

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