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What factors determinate gaming frame rates?

March 13, 2018

There are many factors that will affect your gaming performance on a laptop or desktop PC. Before we go into detail on all those factors let’s get the definition sorted out. By affecting gaming performance I mean they will have an impact on how smooth the game runs or in other words, the frame rates of a game.

There are three major factors that will affect your frame rates, one that you can control, on you can control but it’s a bit more cumbersome and one factor you can’t control.

Game optimization reasons – Can’t change it

Some games will naturally run smoothly while other games will be an utterly lagfest.frame-rates

As you can see, some games will even shift a lot in framerates during gameplay.

You can not control this and is often due to issues how the game was developed. If you want to run a poorly optimized game, be prepared for lag no matter how powerful system you have.

Hardware issues – Cumbersome to change

The main reason people have bad frame rates in games is that they don’t have the powerful enough hardware. For example, if you have a weak graphics card and you try to run a modern game, it will most likely not be even run. And if you manage to get it to run it will be really laggy. You can change this by buying better hardware but it is cumbersome, you can’t just do this and get it fixed in seconds like you can with our last thing that determines gaming frame rates.

To get better frame rates, you’ll need better hardware components. The number 1 thing you probably need to change is the graphics card. Make sure to read what the recommended graphics requirements the game you want to run has and try to match them or have a graphics card better than the recommendations. Two other things to consider is to upgrade the CPU to something like an i5 or i7 CPU as it will give you the best gaming performance. Another, not often talked aspect of getting good frame rates is having a good RAM. Learn what does ram do for gaming and get at least 8GB of RAM.

Settings reasons – Easy to change

This is the easiest way to get better frame rates. The graphical settings of video games will determine the frame rates you get in them. Lowering your settings will often make the game run much smoother. They might not look as beautiful anymore but with the right settings they will at least run like a breeze,

How to handle water spill on your laptop

April 20, 2016

A new laptop is like a new born baby and much a baby, it needs utmost care. Being an electronic device and regularly used, it needs careful handling. Contrary to a desktop, a laptop is portable and fits easily in any and every part of the house. The danger here is that this portability and flexibility means that your laptop is more prone to food spills, water, and liquid spills. This might cause major damage to the system and needs immediate attention.

Liquid spillage can cause panic, it is an emergency situation, but to deal with it effectively you need to stay calm and act quickly. Yes, your first reaction might be panic if you spill water or liquid on your laptop. But, take a deep breath and act fast. Here’s what you need to do:

Use your common sense and let the presence of mind work bright here.

Cut off the power supply to the laptop; disconnect the charger cable to avoid unpleasant shocks. There are higher risks of fire in case of intense spillage, so it is advisable not to touch or remove the interior parts of the system and to just stop with the former precaution. There are some parts which have capacitors to hold charge even when unplugged. Such parts might harm you when touched with wet hands.

Control the spillage by making sure more liquid doesn’t spill. Pick up the laptop out of the wet zone immediately. And don’t waste time mopping up, you can deal with the floor and table later. Your laptop needs attention first.

Some laptops have water resistant keyboards and touch pads. This will save it from catching fire and is a good sign of speedy recovery. Advanced laptops have keys that are spill proof too. There are also laptops with removable key panel making cleaning easy, efficient and immediate.

If it is a small spillage, once you cut off supply, tilt it sideways so the water drains out. In the case of intense spillage, wait a few minutes until you do this step.

Now take a soft towel or tissue paper to wipe clean the laptop off the water spilled over it.

You are safe if it was just plain water that spilled over your handbook. But in the case of coffee, juice or anything that adds sugar, the sticky nature of sugar will make the whole system gummed. Now take off all the sugary stuff from the laptop using a porous, slightly moisture absorbent cloth.

The next step is to remove the batteries, hard drive, RAM and other storage devices from the system. This should get rid of excess water in the system.

Now let it dry for some time. If you suspect water inside the system, take out all detachable parts from the system and separately dry them to remove moisture if any. This can be done using a low-pressure blower of the vacuum cleaner, if using a hair dryer, keep it at the lowest level. Other cleaning methods include the silica desiccants that we see in new water bottles or the readily available rice at home.

When there is liquid spillage, it is not just water that enters your system but also few small particles. All these should be removed using a soft lint free cloth.

Once completely dried, reassemble and test the system. Hopefully, this will save your laptop after the water spillage.

All you need to know about your laptop battery

April 12, 2016

The laptop has become that one thing you can’t live without even for a day. With so many smart gadgets around you and a couple of new ones being launched every single day, the popularity that these devices have maintained all through is something remarkable. Its charm has remained unfazed all through this years and it will not be a surprise if it remains a bestseller even after 5 more years. The ease with which all generations use it alike is what sets it apart from other smart gadgets available in the market.

It is so annoying when something you are dependent so much on lets you down. Your laptop battery is one such thing. When you start getting used to it, you realize that the battery gives out sooner than you expect. You do not want to change the batteries alone. These things cost a bomb. So one important thing you would want to know about your laptop is its maintenance and how you could take care of your batteries so that they last longer.

Average Battery Capacity

When you buy a laptop, the average time you are expecting it to run on the battery is around 6 hours. A batteries run time is hugely dependent on the usage time and also the type of usage. On an average, it works fine for 2 years for a moderate user. Research says that it is pretty efficient until 400 cycles of recharge. After that, it has officially aged and you cannot expect it to be as good as new!

Just like us humans, it starts slowing down with age. So the same battery which gave you 3 hours of run time might not give you half of it after 2 years. It is a fact that people should start acknowledging.

Going for a different manufacturer is alright

Once you start coming to terms with how your battery has let you down, you might look at replacing it. Just don’t be too shocked at the cost. Obviously buying a new laptop is just a tad bit higher than the manufacturer’s battery.

But your laptop works just fine and you are still in love with it. So what you could do in this situation is look for options. Do a bit of research on compatibility and be open to other manufacturer’s batteries too. It might be a lot cheaper and work like a charm in your laptop.

How you can make it live a little longer

Just a set of laptop etiquettes will ensure your battery lives a little longer.

  • It doesn’t have to be plugged in and charged all the time. This reduces battery life. Once it is charged completely, you could just switch it off for some time.
  • Remove the battery when you have the laptop plugged in. If you are planning to work in a place straight for a couple of hours, you could remove the battery.
  • Charging it on and off often could cause damage as well. Leave it alone when not in use. It helps the battery life!

7 steps to setup your new laptop

April 10, 2016

laptop-1205256_960_720When you buy a new laptop, your first impulse is to dive right in and start exploring, but before you starting working, your laptop needs a prelude, warm up to get started. If you’re a first-time buyer, then owning a laptop is definitely very exciting, but with the excitement comes the task of setting up your laptop and getting it ready for use. A brand new shiny laptop is like a blank page wherein you need to add certain inputs as per your requirements and shape it according to your usage. Here’s a quick look at the set-up process for a brand new laptop

Just get started with the setup process and keep going.

  1. Windows Version: It is very important to check the windows version in your laptop. Generally, all laptops come with the 8.1 version which may have to be upgraded to the latest version to make the best use of all the new features. This should be followed by the basic set ups like screen setting, date and time settings, display, and colour settings. In certain cases, you may get a laptop that doesn’t have a pre-loaded operating system. In such cases, you have to buy the OS installation CD separately and firstly install the OS on your laptop. No need to worry, the installation instructions are pretty straightforward and the process only takes a few minutes. Once installed, you can proceed to set up date, time, screen theme, etc.
  2. The Electrician Disc: A system is, after all, an electronic device and might get corrupted very easily damaging all the contents. Here is where the electrician disc, i.e. the system repair disc comes to your rescue and cushions all your documents. This is a separate DVD that will act as a substitute and help in rebooting the system when it starts throwing tantrums.
  3. The Watchman Software: Is it enough to just install the security disc? Will it guard you when the internet is on? No definitely not. So the next important set up is to give your system a wholesome and complete protection. Install antivirus software to protect your laptop from viruses, spyware, and malware.
  4. Power Saving Plans: The next important step is to efficiently and economically use the laptop. This can be achieved by making a few modifications in the power saving options. You can instruct your notebook to save energy when not in use and log off if it’s idle for a long time. Such power saving measures will increase the longevity of your system.
  5. External Router: It is important to protect your system from attacks while connected to the internet and an external router will safely take you to the web page without any interruptions. This acts as a link between the laptop and the net personalising your data and stops external sources from accessing your files.
  6. Clean Up wizard: This tool will help to uninstall and remove the unwanted items from your system and makes way for the new and important folders.
  7. Make sure the software is updated: It is always important that you work with upgraded tools and software. In the control panel, there is an option to turn on auto upgrade. Do this to ensure your laptop is functioning with the latest version of all applications and software.

How to know when you needs Anti-virus

April 7, 2016

anti-wirusLaptops and computers have become an integral part of human life. You could ideally skip a meal, but could not skip browsing through on your machine. Now, the primary challenge that every user faces is an infected system now and then. These malware and other viruses which are the main cause are more common than the cold virus which affects most in our country! And they are both similar in the sense that they are becoming more resistant with each passing day. You install an anti-virus, come home to find another malware infecting your system.

All Things You Must Know

With the internet usage increasing day by day and data available in every form across the globe, the chance of invasion into your private system is abundant. Now when you are ready to enjoy everything that’s available, you will have to be ready to fight the bad out there as well. To secure your gadgets against any malware infections and other viruses, you need to be aware of different signs or warnings it might show when there is any malware or virus threat. Watch out for these common symptoms in your system generally –

Annoying Pop-ups

Okay, so pop-ups are not that annoying is what you will think. When your system is affected, the pop-ups it will throw will be so many that it would hinder what you are doing. So when there are pop-ups more that you could actually handle over a period of time, you might want to check your system for some malware threat. Now a few things you could do to avoid any further problems –

  • Avoid clicking on these windows.
  • Take precautions before you get any free software download.

Laptop in Tortoise Mode

Your system abruptly becoming slow is another sign of trouble. Some indications –

  • You are waiting longer to boot-up than usual
  • The regular programs that you work on are taking longer time to load, even IE for that matter

When in doubt, just check on your drive space or also see if a new software installation is bulkier or your drive. If not, check right away if it is time install a new anti-virus or renew the existing one!

Frequent Crashes

If you find your laptop crashing a number of times to your dismay, it is probably an indication of a malware infestation. It needs immediate attention and also finding out what is wrong is important for you to take the necessary anti-virus installation measure.

Unfamiliar Activities On Your Files and Network Usage

It might sound funny, but do look out for unusual and suspicious (!) activities on your system like :

  • The names of files being changed or their location being different
  • Unknown websites opening automatically
  • Auto downloads happening without you initiating any.
  • Your network usage gearing up without any reason

These are signs that your laptop is at stake and needs immediate attention. The only way to to keep track on unusual activities is regular anti-virus update and constant vigilance.

What laptop specs do you need in a gaming laptop under 1000?

April 6, 2016

954325231_e4200f0gcd_cGaming is nothing but the activity of playing games on the laptop or the computer. Today, there are several budget gaming notebooks which are designed especially for gaming. But what specs should they have?  Choosing laptop specifications based on the various utility is as crucial as choosing the right ingredients for the correct cuisine. Many factors come into play while deciding on the machine. The laptop specs for gaming not only depends on the games that need be played on the machine but also the gamer. A hardcore gamer will need a more powerful processor, motherboard and RAM. Today, you can get a great gaming notebook for less than 1000 bucks. So what laptop specs do you need in that price range?

Let us see the laptop specs needed for gaming


Random Access Memory (RAM) is used to load programmes or data into the system without saving it permanently. When the RAM is higher, more quantity of information can be loaded and loaded fast. It enables you to open more programmes simultaneously without slowing down the computer. So, should you just add more RAM? For amateur gamers a minimum RAM capacity of 4 GB and for hardcore gamers, 8 to 16GM RAM is ideal.

Hard disc drive

This physical memory, which is different from RAM, retains all information even after power has been disconnected. Most laptops come with a standard-issue drive with a memory ranging from 100 to 500 GB. Nowadays, a few laptops provide 1TB memory. For gaming, minimum 500 GB is preferred. With 500GB hard drive space, you will be able to install

Processor speed

This is the brain of the computer. It processes all the data that is being run. The more cores it has the more information it can process at the same time. This means that a single core 3.00 GHz will be faster at processing data than a 2.00 GHz dual core. The dual core has an advantage over the single core when doing multiple tasking as it can do more processing. For gaming, the i5 will do but if you are looking for a laptop in the 1000 dollars range, you can even get some pretty powerful Intel i7 processors like the i7-6700HQ.

Screen size

Whilst a large screen will feel much less portable, the effect of gaming is better with a bigger screen. Laptops built for presentation or gaming usually have 15 or 17 inches displays.

Screen resolution

Resolution is the other important factor determining how much information can be viewed on your laptop screen. Gamers generally tend to spend a lot of time in front of the laptop. So a higher resolution is definitely worth the extra money. It’s easier on the eyes and the visual experience is a lot more gratifying. Aim for at least 1920×1080 resolution for a laptop for gaming.

Graphics card

The video card that normally comes with a regular laptop will be sufficient only for office use productivity and viewing media files. VRAM and chipset matter. For the 1000-range the GTX960M is about the best you can get.


Gaming requires special keyboard which enables smooth functioning and playing. A great way to know if a laptop’s trackpad is good quality is to look for it in customer reviews.


One of the biggest issues with powerful CPUs is the amount of heat generated due to constant usage and number of applications used. The coolers or cooling pads are needed to keep the laptop at normal temperature. Make sure to notice if there is any feedback that the gaming laptop tends to overheat. If the gaming laptop has a heating problem you better not play it for too long or maybe you just need to go for another model.

Battery life

Battery life plays a crucial role. It can be a disaster if the laptop switches off during the middle of an exciting game. A gaming laptop for less than 1000 should at least have 3 hours battery life to be a good deal.

That’s it. Now you know what laptop specs you need in a gaming laptop under 1000.

Do you need Bluetooth on your laptop?

April 6, 2016

Tbluetooth-670069_960_720echnology is all about development and change and the laptop is among the many gadgets that continue upgrading with time. We have come a long way since age-old personal computers to handy laptops and smartphones. Sure, technology has made our life easier and more comfortable. And Bluetooth is one such technology. Invented in 1994 by Swedish company Ericsson, Bluetooth is a technology that allows the transfer and exchange of data with multiple devices with the help of radio transmission at a range of about 1, 10 or 100 metres.

Things you can do with a Bluetooth

Bluetooth has done wonders for gadget lovers. It has made its presence felt in every aspect of our life through:

  • Bluetooth headsets
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Bluetooth mouses
  • Bluetooth keyboars
  • Bluetooth Gaming Consoles
  • Smartphones
  • GPS
  • MP3 players

How does Bluetooth Function?

Basically, Bluetooth is wireless technology. It has helped us get rid of the clutter of wires. In order for any Bluetooth device to work, you will need to pair with another device which has Bluetooth. Bluetooth works on radio waves instead of wires. Communication and information transfer has become hassle free these days thanks to Bluetooth technology. Internet connectivity allows you to Skype with anyone from any part of the world and your Bluetooth headset allows you to stay connected to your laptop or phone without the clutter of wires. Or you can laze on your couch with your Bluetooth headset and enjoy music even though your laptop or mobile is on the other end of the room. Even gaming consoles use Bluetooth-enabled remote for game lovers.

Bluetooth today

BluetoothToday Bluetooth has taken the communication and transferring of data to another level. With almost all the gadgets being Bluetooth enabled, communication has been reinvented. When all devices connected to Bluetooth come within the same range, you can share data or documents or snaps or even music at no cost and without internet or data connectivity. This is the beauty of this Bluetooth technology. You can pair your laptop with wireless Bluetooth mouse, which can be very useful in case you are travelling.

Bluetooth is not limited to transferring files or photos. Today we have every device working on Bluetooth. It has brought the world closer to us without the hassle of different wires for different devices. A person can take calls while driving a car that too, hands-free without wires – all thanks to Bluetooth technology.

Does your Laptop Need Bluetooth?

The answer is often YES. Having a Bluetooth device helps to ease the work. Bluetooth helps to sync multiple devices which are required to copy files or documents without messy cables, as it’s completely wireless. Nowadays laptops and smartphones come with built-in Bluetooth. Transferring photos from computer to smartphones has never been this easy! There are Bluetooth printers available which you can sync with your laptop. You can stream your media library from your laptop to Bluetooth enabled

There are Bluetooth printers available which you can sync with your laptop. You can stream your media library from your laptop to Bluetooth enabled the stereo system. The best part about having Bluetooth in your laptop is that, it is easy to use and function. You can connect or pair up to 8 devices using this technology. The user does not have to install any software or spend any money for it.

Just add more RAM?

April 6, 2016

RAM known as Random Access Memory is the life line or oxygen of any laptop. Your computer’s temporary memory is stored in the RAM. It stores computer data in a random order, unlike hard disk and CDs which store the data chronologically.

Today we are surrounded by machines. We want our machines to work faster than our brains. It is frustrating when laptops tend to work slower, especially when we are on the clock and need to deliver. Modern laptops come with built-in RAM which is sufficient for day to day surfing or documenting. However, if you need to install certain specific professional applications, which require a RAM of higher capacity, then it’s time to bite the bullet and go for an upgrade.

How much RAM does your laptop need?

Requirements of RAM depend on the specification of your laptop. A basic starter laptop has around 2 GB and can be upgraded up to 16 or 32 GB. The speed of your laptop depends on the RAM specification. There are two types of RAM – Static and Dynamic. Dynamic RAM is the most commonly used memory today. This needs constant refreshing, which unfortunately runs means you run the risk of exhausting RAM memory. Static RAM, on the other hand, does not need to be refreshed. Hence, it is relatively faster. One of the easiest ways to upgrade or speed up your laptop performance is to increase your RAM.

Is it time for a change?

But, when is the right time? Here are 5 pointers that indicate your RAM needs a change:

  1. Blue Screen: When your laptop starts getting exceptionally slow and displays a blue screen, then you know it’s time to change your RAM
  2. The performance of the laptop is directly proportional to the RAM capacity. When the RAM is performing at its best capacity, you can open multiple applications all at the same time. However, if your laptop is getting slower or it takes more time to boot up, then the first thing is to upgrade or change your RAM.
  3. It is important to note, that not all laptops support additional RAM upgrade. In such cases, you will have to replace the entire system.
  4. Did you know that online gaming can use up most of your RAM and slow down your PC? In some cases, even 8 GB RAM is not enough to give you the best gaming experience. You will need at least 16 GB to support HD games which involve graphics. If you experience constant buffering while playing games, then it’s time to change or upgrade the RAM
  5. There is certain professional software like PhotoShop or video editing software, which requires working with quality video files, which puts too much pressure on the RAM. If you are looking for uninterrupted speedy performance for editing and other such applications then it’s best to upgrade or change the RAM to the appropriate capacity.

You need a laptop that is speedy and efficient. If you find your laptop becoming sluggish, it’s time for an upgrade. In any case, every technology needs upgrades at regular intervals to increase the overall life expectancy of your device.