How To Make A Metal Detector At Home

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Mar 262015

Metal Detector is a device which transmits and receives electromagnetic wave. With change of transmitting and receiving electromagnetic flux, it detects the availability of any metal or metallic element within its range. A Metal Detector simply follows Faraday’s Law of Electromagnetic Induction.

You can build your own simple metal detector at home. For these you need to have some electric parts which is available in you nearby hardware store, basic knowledge about circuit and your enthusiasm.

Let’s make a simple metal detector at your home.

Make A Simple Metal Detector At Home:

To make a simple metal detector, first you have to collect some electric parts from your local hardware store. Collect the electric parts as bellow:

  • 555 IC (Integrated Circuit)
  • 47k resistor
  • 10 uf Capacitor
  • 2 uf Capasitor-2
  • 8 ohm Speaker
  • 6-12v DC power supply (Battery)
  • 10 MH Inductor

How To Make It?

To make the metal detector, first you have to understand the 555IC.


The 555 IC is an integrated circuit which is designed to be used in variety of devices like timer, pulse generator and oscillator applications. It is capable of providing time delay or a flip flop elements. It is the backbone of our home made metal detector.
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